Robot Gentleman consents to the use of video materials captured from our games for the purposes of producing your own videos focused on those games, such as previews, reviews, let's play videos or other gameplay based videos, to be published on your Youtube channel or streaming services. You are free to monetize such videos.

We do not consent to the use of individual assets from our games, such as audio, images or other elements taken out of the game's context for the purposes of producing your own videos that do not focus on our games. However, if you are producing a video that either focuses on one of our games or concentrates on a wider phenomenon (for instance, discussing different games of a specific genre) and our game or studio is one of the topics of that discussion, you are free to use individual assets and monetize such videos, but you need to clearly identify and credit such assets in the video itself or in the video's description.

We reserve the right to revoke this permission if the assets or materials from our games are used in the context of obscene, hate promoting or otherwise unacceptable messages.

For all videos concerning our games, please include a link to official websites of discussed games in the video itself or in the video's description. Use of Robot Gentleman logo and other studio specific assets of any kind is only allowed in videos that are produced in direct context to our games, unless a separate, individual consent is given.

This Streaming Policy sheet is in its current version available on the Robot Gentleman website under following address: Robot Gentleman may update this Streaming Policy from time to time by publishing updated version on the forementioned website. Update will take effect from the date of publishing the updated version. In case of any doubts, complaints or questions in regards to this Streaming Policy please contact Robot Gentleman through following e-mail:

Please provide Robot Gentleman with description of such doubt, complaint or question as well as return contact details.